Why BI is like your own personal golf caddy

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 “A reliable golf caddy should always come prepared to give the player advice about the course they’re about to play. They’ll highlight potentially challenging topographical features and suggest how best to navigate them. They’ll tell you what par has been set for each hole, and they’ll even warn you of any heavy rain clouds looming in the distance. This advice is invaluable when planning your strategy for the course.” 

In the same way, BI software can use predictive analytics to turn large quantities of raw data into essential foresight. And, just as a caddy follows you around the course, BI allows you to have vital sales reports to hand as and when you need them. BI gives you the information you need to act quickly before it’s too late.

Making the right shot

Professional golfers often claim to possess ‘golfer’s instinct’, but while natural intuition can sometimes prove a handy trait in the world of business, simply going with your ‘gut’ is not a viable strategy for long-term success. Even the world’s best golfers prefer to have a seasoned, intelligent caddy available to help them both avoid mistakes and make the most of potential advantages. The BI software will go that one step further, feeding you actionable insight to bolster your sales and marketing strategy.

When implemented properly, BI has the power to improve business performance over time, helping you to refine processes, boost productivity and streamline manual tasks.

In short, BI enables businesses to continue, on a day-to-day basis, to identify, analyze and develop new opportunities to the best extent possible.

The result? A considerable advantage in an ultra-competitive world.

For a golf caddy provide the best possible support, they need to see eye-to-eye with the golfer. In the same way, for BI to work, it needs to be right for you, your team and your business.

Reference: https://www.betterbuys.com/bi/bi-is-like-your-golf-caddy/